Buying DHop - possible trade

Thinking of offering Juju and Carson for DHop and Montgomery. Enough to get it done? Should I do it?

My WR are Juju, Woods, Boyd, Gallup and Allison
My RB are Zeke, Carson, Sanders, Singletary and Pollard

Not enough IMO. D Hop is better than Juju and has Hopkins as his QB not Rudoplph which makes him way better. I know he’s had a couple of rough weeks but he will bounce back, and he’s still been better than Juju. Carson is better than Montgomery, but Monty has seen his touches going in the right direction. I wouldn’t do it if I was the Hopkins owner. It’s not a terrible offer though they might accept it.

My hope is that he tilts because he is 0-4 and will see Juju and DHop as mostly lateral and take the improvement in RB