Buying fournette?

Is Montgomery and Lockett or monty and Cooper enough to get Fournette.

could add like mattison as the fournette owner is the Cook owner

Monty won’t get you anything. You could try Mattison and Lockett but for an RB1 you’ll most likely need to package an RB2 and WR2/3 imo.

mattison hollywood and lockett combo? or is that getting to be to much and should get some bench player in return with fournette

You’ll need to give up something more. Mattison sounds nice on paper for the Cook owner but some don’t care for their handcuff at all. A WR2 and a WR who has been hurt most of the year probably won’t buy an RB1…but all leagues and players are different.

Something like Lockett and Tevin Colmen (no clue if you have him or not but an example) to “buy” Fournette from someone. If you throw in Mattison I would want to get back some bench depth (Jamaal Williams, Breida, etc.) or an upside player (Singletarty-esque).

dont have really any other back to but in there thats why i was hoping monty still held any value but it doesnt appear so. the other wr could be tyrell williams whos been hurt but is a touchdown machine when hes in.

I think im gonna wait till tomorrow to put an offer though and see if i get lucky on grabbing ty johnson. doubtful though were a det based league