Buying Julio, Marshawn + Who? Help me make a good offer?

I might sneak out to be 2-1 but Hogan is a bust and I need a real WR on my team. I want to buy Julio and have an abundance of RBs and want to sell Lynch with a WR to make it a good offer. Who should i package with. Hogan, C.Davis, or Watkins? I want to sell hogan but i don’t think anyone will bite right now.

You could Try Watkins, but I wouldn’t take that as a Julio owner. The other two + Marshawn for Julio will just insult the Julio owner. Even Watkins + Marshawn might but they might like what Watkins has shown in the last two games. It’s definitely a buy low type offer and you’ll likely need to give more to get Julio

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I’m trying C. Davis just to see what he says. His roster is below. Marshawn’s scored as much as Julio at this point and his RBs are AWFUL.