Buying low on freeman?

I asked this earlier but nobody responded so hopefully some input today. So I picked up ito smith off waivers cuz somebody dropped him, should I try to go for devonta freeman? 12 team standard and the team is pretty needy, took freeman high and panicking. Was thinking of trying to get him for carlos Hyde and Tyler Boyd. Thoughts?

Giving away Boyd and Hyde for Freeman is too much imo. Hyde actually looks pretty good this season. Much better than I expected. So I would consider a 1v1 with just Hyde. Never start too strong. Always work your way up to a bigger trade if need be.

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What does your whole squad look like, Freeman has next to no value at the moment. I’d be looking to buy very low, and if I could possibly rostering Ito as well certainly this week.

If he struggles again he may find himself playing second fiddle or they’ll just lean on Ryan and the passing game. He’s looked so bad, o line hasn’t helped though.

Really the price is an average flex starter and maybe a upside stash piece to seal the deal. Otherwise unless you have major depth you’ll end up giving up your own depth for someone you’ll never be able to stomach starting

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My starters rn are
Mike Evans
Allen Robinson
My bench is: Lindsay, Boyd, sutton, pollard, hockenson, Marvin Jones, and ito smith

You think I could get him any lower with the players I currently have? Thanks for the input y’all

I don’t love holding two handcuffs so if you did get him I’d probably let Pollard go. The injury risk is with Freeman and he could actually lose his job this year so needs to be cuffed IMO. Zeke doesn’t anymore, or this early anyway.

Honestly I don’t think I’d want Freeman I’d had your team, I had a similar think about going for him but decided against it. Does the Freeman owner need a TE at all?

Really you need someone in the safe RB3 range to look to move for him in my view. Looking at Freeman and the O line he’s behind this year I think best case he’ll be a mid to high end RB2 and worst case you’ll be cutting him by week 6. I just can’t see how he returns to a top 15 guy let alone top 12.

I say TE as the position carries a premium and TJ Hock will likely be somewhere in between his week 1 and week 2 showing in the end. Waller is solid each week and you don’t need two, if he’s in dire need he may tilt for TJ and a WR. But all your RBs (aside from Pollard) are more valuable than Freeman right now.

Ito has actually looked better.

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