Buying low on Lev Bell ADVICE

12 team full ppr

Trade: Michel, Kelce

Receive: Bell, TY Hilton

Is this buying low enough on Lev Bell?
I have Waller so right now I’m trying to leverage Kelce to teams with Rb depth and no Te.

I heard ballers say they’d move Montgomery for bell in today’s episode. I also have Montgomery so I could potentially throw him in there over michel, but I almost want to hold Montgomery to see what could be with him.

And therein lies the secret to a good trade and a buy low… you want to see what happens with Montgomery, and so will he… makes it more interesting to him and more inclined to sell Bell

The idea is that you’re buying a Bell for less than hes worth (ex, week 1 he would never trade bell for Montgomery)… but Montgomery’s current potential and bells lack of production makes it interesting and possible right now

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