Buying wins

This week I’m playing the #1 seed in my division, and he’s running away with it.

It’s a bit of a dogfight for second place and a playoff seat. He could afford to lose this week, but if our lineups stay as they are, he will blow me out of the water. I have practically zero depth at WR, but am very good at RB, even with a ton of them on bye.

I could potentially buy a win this week if I acquire his Michael Thomas (he still has AB and Tyreek Hill). The problem is he’s not really hurting for depth ANYWHERE. He’s got Melvin Gordon and Tevin Coleman starting this week at RB, with George Kittle on bye in his TE spot.

I’m thinking of offering him Gronk plus Chubb for MT. Is that not enough? If he’s looking for the W in playoffs, he might be willing to take Gronk off my hands for hopes he smashes in the last couple of weeks.

Not really sure what else to do to manufacture a win or gain depth. I’m currently 2 games behind the 2 seed, and play him in week 10. If he loses again this week (he’s spiraling) and I beat him in week 10, I’m practically a shoe-in for the playoffs. If I lose this week, my hopes start to dwindle.