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Firstly good luck to all those in the playoffs. I have come up against Lamar so hopefully I can overcome!

My league is relatively new and we think we probably need some by-laws so everyone knows the expectations and penalties for breaching expectations. Is anyone able to share some possible by-laws they have in their leagues. Or even DM me a copy of the by-laws for their leagues to help guide us? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This year’s rules message for my League of Record is below. Obviously it doesn’t cover every possible scenario, they are infinite, so the most important thing we do is setup a Competition Committee to handle any unforeseen issues. We have not had to invoke it in the five years we’ve had it, but there were a couple of times where it could have happened. The key is having it established before it’s ever needed. Hope this helps you get started.

2019 League of Record Rules

Fees & Prizes
The entry fee is $50, and at the end of the season everyone must pay $1 per transaction after 10 (highlighting this because some people have been surprised in the past when I sent their bill, so I want to make sure everyone sees it). I’ll be sending another note to collect your fees soon. For reference, the total prize pool last year was $695. Also, the person who finishes in last place must pay $8 to get the plaque made for the trophy for the league winner. Prize distribution will be as follows:
Fourth Place - $50
Team that scores most points in regular season - $50
Third Place - 20% of remaining prize pool
Second Place - 30% of remaining prize pool
First Place - 50% of remaining prize pool

Competition Committee
Like every year, we will set up a three-person Competition Committee to make decisions on anything not covered 100% clearly by the rules. For example, if someone objects to a trade or roster move. I cannot list all the types of things that would be decided here, but every year in many leagues there are a handful of items that come up that are not completely clear in the rules or merit special consideration. Rather than just having the League Commissioner make all final decisions, we put such decisions to an impartial, three-person committee where majority decision rules. There will also be two alternate members in the event the issue at hand involves one or two standing committee members. Decisions of this body are final. Any issue can be brought to the committee for a decision with exception of basic stuff like insisting Phillip Rivers should get 8 points per touchdown because he starts every season with 58% of his starting offense on IR. The committee will make their best judgement to ensure a fair outcome considering the league rules and any mitigating factors. We have not had to use the committee yet, but it’s something that must be in place before a problem comes up, so we set it up every year. Here is the committee I propose for this year:

  • Dan
  • Travis
  • Todd
  • Justin (alternate)
  • Kris (alternate)

Trades cannot be vetoed by popular vote. However, anyone can ask the Competition Committee to review a trade they think is not reasonable, and the committee itself will review all trades as they are proposed to see if they want to nominate them for a formal decision. The guideline in this league is that any trade is allowed unless there is a strong reason to suspect collusion. Collusion happens when two or more teams conspire together to affect an outcome in the league. If one person just wins a trade real hard, that is not collusion and not a reason to veto a trade. Winning a trade is kinda the idea, and it’s rare that we know enough to say for sure which team got the better end of it anyway. The only other reason besides possible collusion that a trade will be disallowed is if it is somehow inherently unfair. Not in terms of the players traded, but if there was some blatant deception involved or someone taking advantage of another owner in an unreasonable way. An example might be that one owner has proposed a trade in the system that is sitting open when the player they want to trade for suffers an injury in practice such as a torn ACL, and the owner who has that player opens the app and presses Accept before the proposing owner has a reasonable chance to adjust to the new situation. These types of situations are judgement calls on the part of the committee, but as a guiding principle, if it feels unfair, it probably was. Absent these types of mitigating factors, all accepted trades will be allowed.

On a related note, there will be no waiting period for trades. They will go through right away once accepted. I can always go back a trade out later if the committee determines it should not have been allowed, but this way managers can make trades later in the week and still get the player in time for the games.

Six teams make the playoffs, with the top-two seeded teams getting a first-round bye on Week 14. The remaining four teams will play Weeks 15 and 16 for the championship. Playoff seeding, including which teams make the playoffs, is determined first by win-loss record, then by total points scored on the year. In the rare event of a tie, the next tiebreaker will be head-to-head record, and if that’s also tied, we’ll flip a coin. How likely is this scenario? Extremely unlikely. Why am I posting it? Because it happened in a league I was in once and there was no plan established ahead of time. Battle lines were drawn, alliances were formed, regrettable words were said, careers were threatened. We choose to avoid this.

Playing to win every week all the way until the end
Set your teams every week. Do not forget when you’re away on vacation or catching a flight for work or coaching lacrosse or whatever. Use the app. Set your teams. If you find yourself unable to set your team in an emergency, you can email or SMS any lineup changes to me. If I receive them before game start times I will retroactively apply them and let your opponent know. But this should be a last resort only. On a similar note, actively manage your teams until the end of the season, even if you’re out of the running already. Nothing is worse than fighting for a playoff spot and having one of your opponents get a crucial matchup against someone who hasn’t set their team in five weeks. I’m not saying you must continue spending money on transactions if you know you can’t make the playoffs. I AM saying you should manage your team and set your lineup EVERY WEEK. If someone completely taps out and repeatedly ignores their team during the season, the Competition Committee can decide to bump the owner and set the lineup on their behalf for the remainder of the year, but that would be an extreme measure. The point of fantasy football is to have fun, so set your lineup and don’t ruin the fun for everyone else.

Scoring is half point PPR, with a few minor modifications to ESPN’s standard scoring. The biggest changes are that passing TDs are worth 5 points, and Defensive points start at 10 instead of 5. Once I activate the league be sure to go in and check the settings and send any questions or proposed changes to the group as soon as possible.

The prior year’s winner is responsible for getting the trophy to the winner this year. That may include shipping charges (winning comes with responsibility). Right now, the trophy is in possession of Justin, but the odds of him are repeating are so miniscule as to barely merit mentioning, so Justin will be responsible for getting the trophy to this year’s champ (I’ll send you my address in a separate email Justin).

Anything I’m missing? Objections, suggestions, etc.? Let me know.

-The Commish


Always happy to see people thinking ahead and setting up their bylaws. So important!

Here is a copy from my dynasty league:

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Thanks so much guys. Really appreciate it