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Bye week advice


My WR1 is on bye this week (M. Thomas) and I just can’t figure out who to start. My WR are Djax, M Bryant, Hunphries and Tyrell Williams. There are a lot of decent wr avail on waivers like shepard, Kupp, Agholor, Kearse and John brown. I need to start 2 and I keep changing my mind, so I’m kind of all over the place. I like Hunphries a little more than Djax this week for some reason. Am I crazy? Any advice is much appreciated.


forgot to mention standard scoring.


Jackson and Humphries would be my go to’s.

Not sure NE really has a pass D. Like Humphries also but its close between him and Tyrell. I’d go with your gut on Humphries though, thatd be my call too for what its worth


Thats how I feel as well, but I’m streaming Brate this week having Reed on bye and I definitely don’t want to play 3 Bucs this week. But I am leaning more towards humphries. He has that trust, speed and slot position pretty locked up in TB right now.