BYE Week Conflict

Appreciate the help here. I have to find a way to open three slots for this week, TE (Ertz), DST & Kicker. Step one is easy, I can trade Martin & Cannon for a good TE fill-in…Step two is more confusing. I would hate to get rid of Sutton because i want to see what the Demaryius trade could mean for him and I don’t want to give up Ekeler because he’s my Gordon handcuff. Help?

QB – Goff
RB – Gordon, Hunt, Lindsay, Breida, Martin, Ekeler, Cannon
WR – Thomas, Adams, Julio, Robert Woods, Sutton
TE – Ertz (BYE)
DST – Open
K – Open

I would drop cannon and Martin
You don’t need either of those with your depth at the position

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That’s not the issue. I’m fine dropping those but still leaves another empty spot this week. I would have to fill DST, K and TE.

If I were you I’d roll the dice and drop Ekeler, and then maybe hope you can pick him back up again later.

EDIT or try and package 2 more of your depth players and try another 2 for 1 trade

So drop Ekeler and just spend a s-ton of FAAB to make sure I get him back. My only other option I guess is a 4 for 2 trade that has to include a TE. If I could do like Martin + Cannon + Sutton + Breida for Adrian Peterson & Jimmy Graham would you do that?

If you can get the AP and Graham owner to agree to that then yes I’d do that, that is a huge upgrade for you.

What about Martin + Cannon + Sutton + Breida for Chubb & Bears would you do that?

You honestly don’t want to trade for a defense you stream a kicker and D. This week and if your trying to trade cannon I would do it as soon as possible since McGuire is getting activated on Saturday

Absolutely fair point. I think I can get the AP trade done today.