Bye week conundrum

Hey footclan! I have a situation. Here’s my roster: QB: Luck, Winston
RB: Gordon, Michel, Howard, Ekeler and J. Richard
WR: A. Brown, Evans, Kupp, J. Gordon, Godwin and Trequan Smith
TE: Ertz
Def: Da Bears
Now my question is with ertz on bye next week what should I do? I don’t really know that I want to drop any of these guys. It’s a 12 team half point league, so any of these guys are going to be scooped up. What do you guys think, trade for a TE and control where a guy ends up, just roll the dice and drop next week or, if I feel confident in getting the win with an empty slot, let it roll? Thanks footclan!!!

Once you’ve had a look at Richard and Tre’Quan for a week you may be happy to drop one, Richard unless full or half PPR isn’t much use in standard expect in the best of matchups. With pass attempts being down for the Saints now they are into last years offensive model Smith will be boom/bust and tough to predict the boom and i doubt you will ever play him over any of your guys either. Godwin as well in very TD dependant.

Based on your roster, especially WR depth i would drop Smith for TE cover ahead of time - who’s on the waivers. Keep Richard for RB depth as it’s half PPR and Godwin for now as he is getting more targets in the redzone than Smith ever will this year.

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Vance McDonald would be the preferred pickup. But I’m going to wait and see what happens. Who knows I may have an injury that opens up a roster spot in a less than desirable way.

McDonald sounds right to me. Your call, personally i wouldn’t worry about that unless you lose AB, Evans and Kupp’s recovery takes longer than expected you still wont be playing Smith IMO. Keep all the RBs though. Evan if you grabbed McDonlad and the unthinkable happens and you lose one or two starters, Smith wont replace one at least you don’t need to worry about covering Ertz’s bye week is just my way of looking at it

Starting 2 RB 3WR and a flex I might be playing Smith in the flex while Michel is out… After he goes back into the rb2 slot I’ll have more flexibility…

That makes sense. i would not be messing with the Vikings DST though, i assume you will start AB, Evans and Gordon as the 3WRs and Howard and Richard due to bye weeks as the RBs, so WRs are good but RBs not so this week. I’d go for upside in the flex with Godwin as the Bengals vs the pass are weaker than the Saints and as they have a weak D in Tampa will have to put points up themselves. Just my take there given the RBs you need to play this week

Currently have Smith in because the Vikings have been prone to the big play, but I’m back and forth on it honestly.

That’s true yes sorry i meant Vikings. It’s shame theyre in the late game and you cant get a feel for how things are going before you decide - just have to trust the gut in the end i guess.

Yea. I think Godwin is the safe play either way, but I’m drawn to upside lol!

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