Bye Week Fun

In the last two weeks I have made trades and waiver pickups that got my team exactly where I wanted to be.
Except for Bye Weeks 8 & 9…

Week 8 I lose Matt Ryan, Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler & Ito Smith to bye weeks.
Week 9 I lose Joe Mixon, OBJ & Fournette to bye weeks.

My RB core is Mixon, Gordon, Fournette, Ito Smith, Austin Ekeler…

Whoopsie daisy!

Time to hit the waivers/trading block today to try and find a two week rental that I can plug in over that.
At least it’s only one position to cover.
I want Fournette to rest right up until Week 10 so I can start playing him with full confidence… But right now I’m also hoping they fly him out to London if I don’t like any of my rental options.

What missteps have any of you made with Bye weeks beginning?

Wire help question to go with this:

Smallwood, Gore, Powell and Allen are all available.

Smallwood is on bye week 9 but gets me through 8.

Powell has a nice floor but almost no ceiling.

Gore can Gore keep producing at his rate?

Allen is a big question mark.

Any other deep play thoughts or reaches I should look at?
This/next week could have surprise injuries to help me make any choices.