BYE week Hell and Fuller Injury

I have a Aj and DJ on BYE week need wins (6th in my league on the playoff bubble)

Fuller got injured which really threw a wrench in my spokes as now i am starting woods and funchess.

Not to mention ekeler would be my best flex option. Question is who to use my top waiver priority on?
A replacement for fuller: coutee, david moore, parker look like the best options right now.

Or do i go after a good flex play (i had tried streaming barner this week so i have a player to spare)

Any help is awesome

I like Moore this week for a spot start, tough call between Coutee and Parker ROS, but I like Coutee more because Parker won’t be able to catch deflected balls all season long lol… I hope other’s opine.

I would go after Keke for sure. The other guys are just guys. Keke should be the number 2 and already had some low end value.

Is DJ Moore available by chance? Has a good matchup this week and his ROS schedule is pretty good for WRs? Keke is my favourite but if the hamstring isn’t right he’s could be out for a couple of weeks and DJ Moore is capped if Tory Smith is back just due to how much Cam/Norv like to spread it around. I think Keke is worth the pickup, you can always pivot if he can’t go

DJ moore is, but i already have funchess and olsen, and dont know about getting that heavily invested into the pantheres passing game

That’s fair and yeah you don’t want that many shares. Go Keke or Moore in a pinch.

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Ya, I’d lean Keke then. Cam is actually one of the worst passers in the league.

May want to slow down on getting Keke Ian Rapoprt just tweeted that the Texans are trading for Demaryius Thomas, this will hurt Keke’s upside. If Sutton is there by some miracle could be his time to shine

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James, had a question about that on another thread about picking up Sutton and who to drop, possibly Christian Kirk, Chargers DST, or make him the top waiver grab instead of Jared Cook. Either Sutton or Cook are blockers for my opponent this week…

Anyway, @mattymc29, the trade news is off-putting for Keke, especially because he might be held out this week going into the bye to get him healthy and also Thomas might take away from his targets… Sutton becomes VERY interesting.

Moore could be on the upswing and could take over as the WR1 in as the season progresses and displace Devon S. Scrumptious…

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I was going to ask about sutton. Him or Moore (SEA)? to prioritize for pick waivers?

Still Sutton based on volume of attempts and ROS potential