Bye week hell wk 10. Can I just punt the week?

I am in bye week hell week 10. My team is listed below. I am 6-2, top scoring team in the league by 100+ pts, so I am in good shape. I have been trying to make some trades to rectify things, but haven’t found anything to my liking. I am still working that angle. I don’t really want to drop anyone on my team. I don’t want to drop my handcuffs.

My question is, can I just punt the week? Assuming I win this week and move to 7-2, is it ethical to just take the L? What would you do if it came to this? What would you think if you saw another owner take this approach?

Deshaun Watson (BYE)

Mike Evans
Terry McLaurin (BYE)
Robby Anderson
Alshon Jeffery (BYE)
Will Fuller (BYE)

Josh Jacobs
Miles Sanders
Tony Pollard
Darrell Henderson

Mark Andrews
Jonno Smith

Patriots D (BYE)

Cant drop Pats D. Cant drop Deshaun Watson. Will Fuller will likely still be out but I can stash him on IR, so he won’t hurt me too bad. Jonno Smith easily droppable, but that still leaves me with 2 moves I would need to make to fill out a starting lineup.

What do you think?

Have you tried pairing breida and Jeffrey for a better wr

Yea, tried that. Its a little tough to trade in my 12 tm. I kind of have a rep in my league for winning trades, so people are hesitant to trade with me. I was able to trade Carlos Hyde and Carson Wentz for Deshaun Watson (other owner had Lamar Jackson) earlier in the season. I am trying for like a sanders/alshon for diggs type deal. I might be willing to do sanders/alshon for like John Brown as a worst case scenario, but I am not quite there yet.