Bye week issues. Do I take the L?

I’m 4-0 and in first place in my 14 team standard league (QB, 2 Wr, 2 Rb, flex, te, def, kicker). I have my tight end and defense both on buys.

My team consists of Rivers, Thielen, Boyd, Zeke, James Connor, Sterling Shepard, Dan Bailey with Allen Robinson, Doug Baldwin, Royce Freeman , and Powell on the bench (trey burton and bears def in bye).
We only have a 4 person bench and with it being a 14 team the waiver wire is slim pickings. I don’t think it’s worth dropping any of my RBs or WRs to fill these spots and I feel burton and the bears d aren’t worth dropping either. Of course I’m playing the other 4-0 team this week. Should I just run it without the 2 positions filled instead of weakening my team in the long run? I’ve been crushing teams so there’s always the chance I can pull out a win but not likely.