Bye week next week

I have Antonio Brown and Keenan Allen on bye next week. I need a third reciever so I’m thinking of trading latavius Murray who will be on bye next week for Pierre garcon. Good preemptive move so I don’t have to scrounge on the waiver wire? I’m 2-5 but I should win this week but I don’t have much room for error

I would try to move Lat. Murray for a WR. Especially after the game he had last week. A lot of Owners have short term memories and will simply look back to what have you done lately. They also play the Browns this week, a team that I believe to be in the top 10 in Run Def.

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With the way the teams shake out my only real move is for garcon. Which with how weak WR is I don’t think he is bad

If you go after Garcon, I would watch the weather for this weeks game, I hear it is going to be terrible in Philly. says 90% change, heavy Rainfall, with up to 10mph winds, not positive on game time weather yet. But, then again Philly will probably go up big early giving the 49ers an opportunity to throw the ball more.

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If be playing him next week as I have 2 recievers on bye and need a 3rd. So it’s trade for garcon or scrounge the waivers.

Which he has Arizona, but still he gets mad targets, who could I realistically target better than garcon for Murray when I really only need that player for next week.

I think Garcon is a Good player, in my league he is 21st in points. He has yet to have his bye, but still a WR 2/3.