Bye Week Woes - Drop Stash or Dress Burton

I have Chicago DST and Burton.

  1. Picked up Carolina DST to fill in as i’m not dropping Chicago DST 100%
  2. With Brown/Jones my first two picks my bench is all RB depth
  3. Ekler/McCoy/Freeman/Lindsay …I cannot bring myself to drop any of these and so far no trades packaged with Burton

Do I just take the 0 at TE this week? I’m 3-1 so could afford to. The other thing is I have Brees so i’ll need to drop someone for 1 week stream next week anyhow…do I pull off the bandaid now and drop most likely Ekler or give it 1 more week for potentially Gordon to go down…

No. Do not take a zero. Drop McCoy. He’s been drop worth since week 1. No idea why people kept hanging on to him. He’s got bruised ribs (which as a RB sucks, just as Ty Mont from last year), is at risk of getting suspended any time Goodell decides he wants to lay the ban hammer down, plays on one of the worst teams in the NFL, has horrible matchups, and isn’t getting the usage. At this point, you’re just hanging on to him for name sake value.

Or a potential trade from Buffalo as well.

Options to pick up are Hooper/Seal/Uzomah.

Hooper or seals are decent streaming options but I would go with Hooper with the higher upside

Have Julio so at least Hooper might see RZ. Still find it hard to release McCoy blah.

I agree with mike on McCoy he’s droppable at this point

Hasn’t been mentioned as a drop on podcast yet but I guess I can hope someone picks up and starts him lol.

Drop McCoy and package Phillip or Royce for a better running back since you won’t need both of these guys. I currently Have freeman and Lindsey kn my bench just to see where it was trending. Looks like it’s a dual package so you can get rid of one or the other me being precautious I’m trying to package Lindsey with a wr 2 for a we 1 currently

Agree with you on getting rid of one of Lindsay or Royce. If it were me though, I’d rather own Lindsay out of that duo ROS.

Yeh I like how good both are looking… I can’t get it out of my head that he’s 160 pounds though. Feel like he’s gonna get hurt compared to the true 220 back… those booker touches will be gone after that loss at home I think

Yeah he’s definitely small, but he was a workhorse in college, was extremely productive and didn’t get injured. Obviously NFL is a lot tougher but if he keeps splitting work with Royce, I think he’ll last. Also personally, i just hate relying on injury for a player to perform which is what Royce needs. And objectively speaky, lindsay has looked like the better runner.

Also, I’ve given up a bit on booker being removed. I’ve been saying he should be off the field now multiple years but for whatever reason, the coaches keep using them. At some point, I need to give up what I think should happen, and come to terms with what will happen. Booker isn’t going away for god knows why. And even if booker goes away, the passing down work goes to lindsay still.

Hahaha you were right 5 touches and I plate jay jai over Phillip and would of tied last week with Lindsey, luckily I grabbed clement Sunday morning and got rid of duke Johnson, would you trade clement up to grab ekkler who would be a handcuff/ optional flex for my rb1 Melvin gordan?