Bye Week Woes: Need help with RB2 start

12 team half ppr

I knew this week would come, where I would have Barkley and Mixon on bye. I’ve been well aware of it and have tried to trade for a safe running back to play as my rb2 in previous weeks to no avail. I have Kerryon Johnson to slot in this week as my rb1, and right now i have Ito Smith in as rb2.

have a couple of different options here to choose from, i got off to a good start with Kittle doing Kittle things so just want to secure some points.

Option 1: Ito Smith (already rostered)

Wire adds:

Option 2: possibly Mike Davis? Saw Carson is dealing with a hip issue and could be in line for a decent workload if Carson misses time or is limited.

Option 3: Devonta Booker. looks like freeman is out, should just be him and lindsey.

Option 4: Duke Johnson just got dropped. only problem is, im starting Jarvis as well.

Current lineup:
QB: Russel Wilson or Fitzmagic (still undecided)
WR: Keenan Allen and Diggs
RB: Kerryon and ???
TE: Kittlegod
Flex: Landry

@james89 advice would be appreciated my dude.

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I like mike davis from that list. If Carson is out its a huge move. Even if he plays they may have davis do half the work anyways

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Yeah if Carson is out, I’d roll this direction too. If Carson plays, I’d stick with Ito and hope for a goal line TD.

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I feel your pain here i’m in almost the same situation. From your choices I think Freeman is out so Booker is the option as gross as it is. If Carson is out I like Davis as he’ll get more volume (we hope we don’t get another Penny week out of the blue!).

Ito is my last resort desperation play here, if Carson goes and Freeman goes which i doubt then you may have to roll Ito.

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@Pmanningthegoat @Caveman45 @James89

Thanks for the advice boys. sounds like consensus is for Davis if Carson is out (adding him off the wire rn. Was holding chargers D for next week but im fine dropping them to hold Davis) .

I find it interesting that you say Booker @James89, i havent watched any broncos games since Freeman went down. Was he getting decent and warrantable usage last week? he scored decently against KC, so thats encouraging. but i find him hard to trust.

Good news as well: Ive had Elijah McGuire stashed in the IR for a few weeks and he may be on track to play this week. Just go the noto. This is the riskiest play of course, but any interest in him as well?

It’s really only given the scenario. If Carson goes then it’s down to Ito and Booker. Falcons are against Washington who have a solid run D and as the Falcons lost another starting guard this week their o line is banged up, against that nasty front 7 from Washington i don’t like it. Ito is probably getting 8-12 touches, i think that’s fair and unless he gets redzone looks and most likely a score he’s not given you a day.

Booker was getting some more passing down work with Freeman out and ran pretty well last week and gets to go against a good but not as good as Washington run D in Houston. With DT gone as well i can see the backs getting more looks in the passing game and i think Booker getting more receptions than Ito will gives him a little of a safer floor. But i wouldn’t feel good putting him in!

Better hope Carson sits… Davis will get a lot more volume, goaline and has the best matchup

Thanks for elaborating brotha @James89 can always count on your for solid advice. I was not aware of the Falcons o line woes, and the skins are no joke. Ito will be my last resort. Ill pick up Davis for now, see what happens with Carson, and if Davis isnt in for legit usage ill pivot to booker most likely.

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