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Bye Weeks and Draft Strategy


Seems like a silly question, I go back and forth with myself all the time on the issue, but how much should bye weeks affect draft strategy?

Here is my situation, I have the first pick in a PPR league (taking David Johnson), but with my 2nd round pick I’m considering taking Gurley (improved O line, Watkins presence). Both have a bye in week 8, how much should I let this affect my decision? I anticipate Crowell being on the board still, as well, who has a different bye week.

Much Appreciated, Forum Fam!


Don’t let bye weeks sway you at all. You might end up punting week 8, but in the long run the bye weeks are largely negligible. Just watch the rest of your draft and make sure you don’t stack up too many players on a week 8 bye.


Only time I slightly care about bye weeks is with quarterbacks if I have to draft 2…so if I draft andrew luck and another QB I Don’t want them with the same bye week… But any other position I don’t pay attention… It’s not worth it trust me


Thank you both for the feedback!


exact same situation for me. I am going to take Johnson and Gurley. If Gurley is can play to his potential, he could win your league for you. I wonldnt worry about the bye week 8. I am going to stack up on RB’s, so I should have at least 2 fillers when the time comes.