Bylaws dynasty startup

I’m new to starting a dynasty league with my friends. Would anyone mind sharing their bylaws/rules of record? I just want to see if I’m covering all topics and I’d like to see examples of what others are doing. Thank you!

It’s not perfect, but this is part of what we use, feel free to adapt it as you want to…

:Personal Accountability
All owners are expected to treat others with respect and courteousness. Ultimately this is a fantasy football league, it is designed to be fun yet competitive, and naturally competition breeds rivalry.

However, we must not cross the line between what is considered trash-talking to personal attacks. Any conversation that crosses the line and becomes a personal attack is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by the league.

The Commissioner reserves all rights to protect the competitiveness of the league, including, but not limited to, removal of draft picks, withholding of winnings, or expulsion from the league to any owner that chooses to engage in derogatory personal attacks against any other member of the league at any time during the season.

Roster Construction:
7 O: QB, RB, WR, TE, RB/WR, WR/TE, O Flex
4 D: DL, LB, DB, D Flex
Bench: 19

Scoring: See league for specific details.

Draft (Year One):
The rookie draft will be held before the super draft. It will be 5 rounds and order will be determined by a random draw held one week before the draft. The rookie draft will NOT be a snake format. For example: if you own the 1.01 pick, you will also have the 2.01 pick and so on.

The order of pick selection for the normal draft will be an inverse of the rookie draft. Whoever has the 10th pick of the rookie draft will determine which position they draft in for the duration of the draft. The normal draft WILL be a snake draft.

The rookie draft will be held Sunday, August 19th, 2018 at 4:00pm, followed immediately by the 25 round Super Draft. Draft order for the rookie draft will be announced Saturday, August 11th, followed by the decisions of where teams would like to draft from in the super draft.

Rookie/Free Agent Draft:
The rookie/free agent draft will happen annually during the month of July. This will be a slow draft with each team being allotted 24 hours for their first-round pick, and 12 hours for the final four rounds. Draft order will be made available immediately following the season to allow teams to prepare and will be updated to reflect any trades as well as keep teams informed throughout the draft. The pool of players included are all rookies and current free agents.

Pick order will be inverse order of final standings, and there will be 5 rounds. This is NOT a snake draft.

After the rookie draft, teams will be allowed to keep all drafted players on their roster, but by 12pm on August 15th, roster cuts must be made to bring teams back to 30 players. Teams can begin making cuts on July 31st, and each player that is dropped will stay on waivers for 2 days while owners are allowed to submit FAAB bids. All rosters must be at 30 players by August 15th.

In the event that roster cuts are not made on or before August 15th, team will be locked by commissioner and possible loss of draft picks and/or FAAB budget will occur. If cuts are not made by 12pm on August 20th, owner will be removed from the league and a new owner will be selected.

Trades are allowed year-round and are subject to commissioner review only.

League Commissioner and Co-Commissioner must agree that no collusion is involved and that both teams are trying to improve their team.

If at least one commissioner agrees the trade is fair and acceptable, the trade will be permitted.

In any trade between the commissioner and co-commissioner, it is the league’s responsibility and right to veto via message board with a vote. In the event of a tie in veto votes, the trade will be permitted.

Trading draft picks is permitted up to three years in advance.

Trading FAAB is also permitted.

:Free-Agent Acquisitions
Free-agent acquisitions are allowed from August 1st until the end of the season. Once players begin their week 16 game, those players will be locked until the rookie/free agent draft the following season.

On August 1st of each year, players will have $200 deposited into their FAAB. This balance is to be used for the entirety of the regular season. 50% of the remaining balance (up to $100) can be carried over to the following season.

For example, if a team has $80 of their FAAB remaining on July 31st, an additional $40 would be added to the player’s initial FAAB for the following season.

:Player Retirement
If an owner has a player retire anytime during the offseason through July 30th, an additional pick during the rookie/FA draft will be given to the owner at the end of the draft. All compensatory picks will take place on July 31st. If multiple players retire in a given season, the first compensatory pick will be given to the owner with the player that had the most fantasy points the prior year, followed by the second and beyond.

:Owner Turnover
In the event that an owner leaves the league for any reason, they agree to forfeit ANY DUES PAID to the league for the current season. They also forfeit the claim to any winnings resulting for the current season.

In the event that an owner abandons a team or has more than one week throughout the season where their roster is not updated prior to games beginning (starting a player on a bye or who is out because of injury) commissioners reserve the right to levy any punishment deemed necessary to protect the competitiveness of the league, up to and including termination of ownership. If termination of ownership occurs, the owner forfeits any dues paid to the league for the current season as well as any claim to prize money at the conclusion of the season.

In the event of a violation of the personal accountability clause, commissioners will act to protect the competitiveness of the league and reserve every right to do so, including forfeiture of draft picks, FAAB, or termination in the league.

If an owner is terminated due to the personal accountability clause, they will not be eligible to return to the league. If an owner abandons their team, or chooses to leave the league at any time, they are eligible to return with the approval of both commissioners and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If an owner leaves or is terminated during the season, no effort will be made by the commissioners to find a long-term replacement in-season, but instead will appoint an ‘interim’ owner that has limited roster power to manage the roster for the remainder of the season. This interim owner will be allowed to make all start/sit decisions as well as manage FAAB but cannot propose or accept any trades. At the conclusion of the season, commissioners will either offer the open position to the interim owner or select a different, permanent owner.

In the event an owner is terminated due to not paying league dues, the interim owner may choose whether to pay the required dues to the league. If dues are paid, full roster control, including trades are available, and they are eligible to win prizes at the end of season. If dues are not paid, the interim owner will have limited roster control as described above and will not be eligible to win prizes.

Hope this helps!


I can share a Google doc of mine if you give me a Gmail address