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C.j. Anderson or Peyton Barber?


With how mccaffery was used in the first preseason game and Tampa bay saying barber is the starting rb. I was wondering if I drop Anderson for barber now.


Dynasty or Redraft?

My answer is about the same for both. Def not in redraft. Can you make room for him in Dynasty?

I would not make any cutting decisions based on one preseason game. Only speculative adds.


for sure wait. im a believer in anderson getting his work. CMC got used like he was going to get 100% of RB touches, but it just wont be that way. that number will come more to the norm. im waiting to see what they do week 3 preseason before i start to worry about anderson.

as for barber, yeah they are going to say that. but they spend a high draft pick on ROJO. he just has to earn his spot, and wont until week 1 more than likely. i would caution restraint after just the 1 preseason game.


Wait on it is my vote. Barber probably won’t get scooped up yet and I’d rather have the potential goal-line back on a team I know will score points and has a shot at playoffs then the maybe lead back on a team that is slotted to be one of the worst five this year.


Sorry everyone. It’s redraft. I’ve been thinking about the same as you guys but didn’t want to miss out on a potential starter. I am thinking I will wait for the next couple weeks and see what happens. It won’t really matter anyways. I have David Johnson, dalvin cook, Lamar miller, rashaad penny, keryyon Johnson to go with them. Haha. Thanks for the help everyone