C.J Anderson or Thomas Rawls half ppr

Playing division leader and I have wentz/hunt on the bye.

Tough one.

CJ has a good match up but he and the Denver offense has been horrible. I dropped him awhile ago.

Rawls is a Thursday night game and I hate Thursday night games for consistency sake

Cj has lost my trust though … there for I would IMO go Rawls… Unless you others available?

Rex burkhead is available haha…

They’re both gross, but if I had to chose, it would be CJ.

I would normally go CJ but I’m worried Brady will put the game beyond the need to use him.

just as a reminder with CJ.

He was on the injury report and he consistently loosing snap ops.

he is TD depended now

Ehh… I feel like Anderson may get rested a little bit this week so I unfortunately have to say Rawls.