C.J. Anderson trade

Someone just proposed Theilin or D. Adams for my C.J. Anderson. I’m don’t think either of those are a great value but I’m thinking of countering for T.Y. Hilton, what do you guys think about that? I’m 4-0 right now in a full point PPR.

My team
RB - Bell, Hunt, Ajayi, Anderson, DJ
WR - M Thomas, D Thomas, Diggs, T Williams, and Maclin

Some of his other receivers are Fitz, K Allen, and Hill

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I’d try to offer ajayi over Anderson, but I still don’t like that return.

Offer him a reciever with Ajayi for Allen maybe?

Someone else was wondering about giving me Baldwin for Anderson, what do you think about that trade?

Baldwin for anderson? I think I would definitely take that

I would probably do that too only because of the depth you have. I really like Anderson rest of the year but you have to get some reciever depth