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C Mcaffery Craziness?!


I’m seeing Mcaffery’s ADP in the 3rd round a lot esp in ppr leagues… Are people really expecting him to be a work horse? Or is he just gonna be a ppr skatback like rb?

Mcaffery going in the 3rd is insane to me when people like woodhead and Theo Riddick are going in the 6th-8th rounds?

Can someone please let me know if I’m missing something or is his ADP just too high?


You aren’t missing much. People taking him in the 3rd are insane in my opinion.

Since 2011, Carolina has thrown the fewest passes in the league to RBs. https://twitter.com/ScottBarrettDFB/status/858938737400696832

That could change, but then McC drafters are betting that a redesigned offense with middling WRs can find success while relying on a rookie RB. I’ll pass.

Other side of the coin is that Cam needs a reliable pass catcher, Cam is excellent in mid-rang passing efficiency, and McC was named the best route runner in the rookie class.

He could be great, but I won’t be risking even my 4th pick in my dynasty’s rookie draft. I see too many options with higher ceilings. In a normal league, you need guaranteed production in the 3rd round. 0% chance I even consider McC.


Ok. So I’m not crazy? lol I just think his ceiling is too low and is floor is not high enough for me to take in the third. I wonder what people who draft him that high are expecting from him?


The only reason I’m skeptical is the RB’s past production in Carolina as far as receiving. Given the fact they used a Top 10 pick on the guy makes you think they are gonna make a point at getting him touches. In redraft I think 3rd is way too early but he could prove to be that valuable in PPR.

An honest question, do you think some are hesitant to draft Mccaffrey as high as Fournette or Mixon because he is a white RB?


No I think it has to do with both of those guys weighing over 200 pounds. McCaffery has weighed between 202-195 pounds. And going back and looking at past guys drafted at that weight, 4/5 of the first round rbs weighing under 200 pounds were busts. The 5th guy being chris johnson at 199 pounds who was the exception.

Do I think mccaferry is the next chris johnson, no.


and that’s dating back to the 2008 draft sooo, idk


Not a lot of RB’s to go by if you only go by 1st round. What about Jamaal Charles?


I expect 15+ touches per game for CMC. He’s not Theo Riddick or Danny Woodhead. He ran a lot of (primarily, actually) RB power at Stanford. He will be heavily involved in the passing game as well, but he’s far from a scat back. 3rd round may be pricing in the upside, so idk if he’ll be on many of my redraft teams, but it’s not ridiculous at all.


Tough subject to bring up. I think his skin color is having the opposite affect in many leagues. But I imagine both things being true simultaneously - depending on who you ask. The best advice I can give is to just understand how that factor plays into your league-mates decisions and do what you can to capitalize on them over/under valuing.


Ya I don’t think race has anything to do with it, I love mcCaffery but I’m not expecting him to get 20 touches a game. they just paid Jon Stewart a lot of money…


But if he drops in my league I’ll gladly take him but in mocks he’s gone in the 3rd and that’s too early for a rb who’s qb doesn’t dump off to the rb and for a system that has a good back already.


exactly. The situation is bad.


As someone who is quite high on McCaffrey I don’t mind him in the 3rd round in PPR. The reason that I think a lot of people are struggling with it is because I think it’s easy to get caught up in his position being an “RB” I expect him to get 10 carries a game but I think he lines up as a slot receiver a lot! Like I see him almost more of a receiver who will run the ball than a running back who can catch. This could be wrong, it’s just my opinion, but I don’t think they draft a guy like that in the top 10 and not have big plans to find ways to get him involved.

You mentioned where other receiving backs are going and I think the major difference with him is that if Stewart wears out or gets hurt I think it could also really increase in carries, where as most receiving backs won’t see much of a change in their role if an injury occurs, it would likely be another back filling in.

All in all I think McCaffrey is fine in the 3rd round of PPR but it’s by no means a great value, so while I don’t mind him there if there is a better value I have no problem passing on him in the 3rd either.


Dude I like the way you worded that, it’s a valid point. If the preseason we seem him being used in the slot it’ll def make me raise him on my boards. I just can’t get the image of him being a danny woodhead 2.0, except cam never dumps the ball off. But having a wr who can play in your rb2 spot would be B-E-A-U-TIFUL (Jim carry voice) lol


Let’s say his updside is Danny woodhead. You should wait and draft the Danny Woodhead who is going much later. I think McCaff is amazing and easily could be a 20 touch guy in a year, but while he hear whispers of a new Panthers offense we have yet to see it. That’s a lot of narrative street if we speculate that Stewart won’t still be a large contributor with both Can and Stew being goal line brutes


McCaffrey’s upside is much higher than Woodhead’s at this point. His floor is also lower. J don’t expect 20 carries a game, but 15-20 total carries and targets is entirely possible. They want to get the ball out of Cam’s hands, and he’s going to be at worst the second best separator on the team (after Olsen).


What about Curtis Samuel? They are 2 very similar players. For those saying CMC could line up in the slot, worried at all Samuel will take some of those targets?


Yup it is something that could definitely happen. As weird as it is to say as he is a RB, but McCaffrey is probably the better route runner (might be one of the best route runners from the draft class) So at this point I just see Samuel as more of a gadget play type of guy, kind of like Cordarrelle Patterson in his rookie year. Just try to manufacture touches for him and let him make people miss. He also could lineup outside for some deep routes if they want to utilize his speed in some situations.

I think McCaffrey would be the better slot receiver. Once again this is my opinion on how it will play out but Samuel could definitely be a threat to take away touches, I am just a bigger believer in McCaffrey’s abilities than his.


I just excited to see how he’s used in preseason. I think that will tell us the most before the start of the season


Rookie RBs come with a lot of hype, and very often deservedly so. That being said, I’ve been hearing Jonathan Stewarts name too often in the past week to be 100% sold on McCaffrey just yet.

Carolina and New Orleans are two of the backfields I’m going to watch closely in camps and preseason.