C. Patterson for Diggs or McLaurin?

I think I’d take either of these, not sure if I can get them, but both teams could use help at RB and I think I’m going to sell high, packaging him with another flex receiver.

My RBs are Aaron Jones, Darrel Henderson, Clyde, AJ Dillon, Elijah Mitchel and Jeff Wilson on IR.

My WR are Kupp, Pittman, Beasley, Claypool.

This trade is a reach, for sure, but just wanted to run it past you all and see if you have any thoughts other ideas for targets. I picked these targets because their teams are weaker at RB and stacked at WR.

Always worth a try. I think you package Pittman and Patterson you might peak more interest. Pittman has the target upside but you’ll never start him over one of the other two. Assuming it is a 2 WR league.

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I think you’re right, Pittman probably helps peak more interest. We shall see. Thank you.