C. Sutton + D. Foreman or D. Montgomery

Would you rather Sutton and Foreman or Montgomery in a 10 team 0.5 PPR dynasty?

C. Sutton is not even in consideration and I do not plan on drafting him in any league, not with Falco. I don’t even care if he is the first WR on the Broncos. The other two are all about the drat position. Devonta Freeman is a proven RB with an injury risk, he is a #2 RB with #1 upside with really nobody behind him. You can get D. Montgomery several rounds latter, you don’t know about the work load with Tarik. I would go with Freeman and have a safer 3 or 4 to back up Freeman in the flex or fist coming of the bench. FYI I love my RBs.

pretty sure he is referring to donta foreman, or at least that’s what I think. would definitely take the Montgomery side

Yes, was referring to D’Onta Foreman rather than Devonta Freeman. Foreman + Sutton for Montgomery.

Montgomery side all day. I was a Foreman truther and really believe he can succeed on a good HOU offense; but, they seem to refuse to cut ties with Miller and the actions of the team point to Foreman being unreliable. Only way I take the Sutton/Foreman side is if your team is in full rebuild

When are people going to come to terms with reality that Foreman ruptured his achilles. He was an average guy before that. And in dynasty, he’s going to get replaced by the RB class next year anyways even if he is serviceable.

To me its sutton vs montgomery. I’m not a huge montgomery believer so I’d take sutton personally but can’t fight you if you take mont side.