C. Thompson for W Fuller IV

Was just offered C Thompson for W Fuller. I like Fuller’s ceiling but very inconsistent. Now with Guice injured, Thompson could be a weekly starter. Any advice? Thanks foot clan!

Thompson may not be right for quite a while

I’d keep Fuller he shined bright last year and will be on the field a lot more than Thompson this year

I don’t think Guice going down affects Thompson much. Dude is injury prone. They aren’t going to give him the rock to run 15+ times a game. They going to RBBC fat kelley or fat perine for that job however ineffective they may be and keep using thompson as a pass catcher and single digit change of pace carries.

Also, thompson won’t even be fully healthy until november. I’d rather have the WR2 on a Watson led offense. They will regress no doubt, but if you’re worried, just wait till fuller has a 90 yards 2 TD game and sell him then. You’ll get more than you can get now.

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While I do like C. Thompson, I think the upside for W. Fuller is the better choice. They have shown CT will not be the workhorse there even with sub-par RB numbers. He, as noted, has been a bit fragile through his career. Fuller has the potential to do what he did last season on a more regular basis assuming DW is right and whole at QB.

If it were me in full PPR, I would take Fuller side of the trade.