Callaway or Davis?

I need upside so I’m thinking about starting Callaway in my flex over Corey Davis. Thoughts?

Not a bad start. Oakland D sucks.

Davis is safer floor so if it’s ppr scoring, I’d play him but sounds like you know what you need.

I don’t think there’s a bad decision here. I’m pretty high on Corey Davis, and while Mariota is starting this week, there’s still some lingering elbow issues to worry about. There’s some uncertainty around Baker,too, but you know he’s gonna look downfield and take his shots. I’d lean Callaway.

I support this decision. Somewhat risky to start WR2 Callaway over WR1 Davis, but as @Hazel11 said Davis’ value is highly dependent upon Mariota’s health. Moreover, the Titans are playing a strong Philly defense.