Calling all bad beats and close calls!

Would love to see screen shots or hear stories of close calls and bad beats over this past week if ya’ll have them. I for one almost had a heart attack when Saints fumbled through the End Zone last night as I was only up 7 and my opponent had Cam and McCaffery. Thankfully I pulled it out…

I’m in the championship (1st of 2 weeks) 12 team standard. Last week Henry put up 9 more points than my entire team this week. Devastated.

Oh man that is brutal. That might be the most under-performing lineup I’ve seen.

Fingers crossed your team goes crazy Week 16.

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After a dud week from the majority of my line-up, I needed Samuel to have a sub 4 point night and barely squeeked by to make it to the championship game. Phew that was close.


Oh man that is brutal for your opponent. That last drive for the Panthers last night probably had you on the edge of your seat.

Yeah it did, 3 balls his way. Good thing Cam’s arm looks like a slinky coming unwound.

1 catch for 1 yard or 4 yards from anyone and I win… Ughh

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I think this may be one of the worst bad beats ever. Was 12-1 monster team in my 12 man Keeper league. Lost by .52 when my kicker gave me -1…

I have heard rumors of a Nick Chubb stat correction so I may have a slim slim slim chance still which is crazy!

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I went into the Rams game needing Gurley to outscore cooks by 20. Barely happened. Championship is now 1 vs 2. Hopefully OBJ is back this week.

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Nice! I have Hill and Badgly in my other league and was feeling horrible after that Thursday night game.

Good luck in the ship!

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thank you Alvin Kamara

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Holy moly!!! :astonished::astonished::astonished:

That’s actually pretty incredible. Such a sick team too wow. Sorry for your luck.

Little off topic but does anyone know if there are any caveats to turnover on downs and loss of yards in the NFL?

The Browns had the ball on the 10 yard line and it says that Nick Chubb was stuffed for -2 yards yet the Broncos take over on the 13 yard line which would obviously be a loss of 3 yards? After watching the replay it looks like Chubb ended up losing about 2.75 yards on the play so not sure if it’s in need of a stat correction or something weird with the loss of a down?

Was down by 3 or so coming into Monday night. CMC and DJ Moore defeated Super Kamario just barely to move me to the championship. The championship is going to be our 8 seed vs the 4 seed. Should be fun!

Heading into Monday night, UP by 17, with DJ Moore left, going against CMC. I lost on the very last touch by CMC in garbage time :pensive:

Also, weeks before my opponent picked up Damien Williams after he noticed I snatched Ware. That came back to bite me…

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Oh man I am pulling for you.

I have Chubb in a league but unfortunately I lost by about 20, so unless they are giving him 99 yard touchdown so I get the bonus points as well, I think I’m SOL.

I bet you had a minor stroke when he went down with that injury for a second…

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Someone on here mentioned a possible Chubb stat correction to lose his 100 yards. Hope you don’t have a bonus on that if it is true. That would be brutal.

yeah this seems to be the stat correction that people are worried about. I’m not sure how that works honestly. Weird that it is a 1 yard difference when all they did was switch directions. With that being said, I’d imagine the NFL would review the tape and see which one it was. It’s hard to say which direction they will lean though, at 2.75 my math teacher would tell me to round up to 3. But who knows…