Calling all bad beats and close calls!

Oh man, what a terrible time for your opponent to have Ebron have a terrible game.

needed a point from Lutz, and didn’t get it because of that stupid fumble touchback ha

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Yeah it’s really strange. If there is no stat correction it means there is literally 1 yard missing from the game.

If you think about it, on a 4th and a full 1 if the ball ends up being “inches” short on the attempt the runner is credited with no gain and the ball is placed at the line of scrimmage for the turnover on downs so it’s almost like when you are going backwards maybe you don’t “round up” but I also don’t understand why the ball would then be spotted at the 13 and not the 12 yard line.

When that happened i basically went to bed and hoped to wake up to good news lol

Finished the season with a 11-2 record and had the most points for to score this steaming pile of 71.44 in my playoff matchup


hey atleast cmc got you over 50

Freakin Maher… Burned me as well.

Hey @P00pD0llar how did this end? Zeke got that stat correction so you two should be tied. You make it in on tie breaker?

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In the first matchup I went into sunday night with a 21 point lead against his Kelce and Lindsey yet to play. I was certain I was going to lose that match up.

In the other two I had pretty much secured the win, but I was afraid Denver was going to un-do my lead with the way they were playing. I contemplating sitting them, but the commish in one league wouldnt allow any empty roster positions, and the other one was only a 1.54 lead, i was afraid stat corrections may reverse the win so I played Denver to hopefully bolster my lead.