Calling all Socal FF Degenerates

Are you tired of being in your home league with half the members inactive?
Are you looking for an in person draft?
Are you in the socal area?

If the answer is yes to all 3 then great news! Me too!
I’m planning on starting a new home league of people in the socal area where all of us are active and can participate in an in person draft.

I just want to have actual people I can put a face to and meet up with for drafts/actual games etc. I have 3 friends that are like me and live and breathe fantasy football, the rest are meh fantasy players and only care half the time.

If you’re interested, pm me, drop a comment, or email me at

it would most likely be 12 Tm PPR hosted on Sleeper
We can all decide the format (dynasty, keeper, redraft) and rules once we have 12 (or more) people ready to roll and will put up polls in the sleeper chat.

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I’m definitely interested in you have a league going! I’ll orphan a team or anything.