Calling on Footclan for some help

Do I make the following trade:

I give: Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, Carlos Hyde

I get: Russel Wilson, Brandon Cooks, Adam Thielen, Tevin Coleman

My team after trade:

QB - Wilson
WR/WR - Cooks, Thielen, Devante parker, Sanu (Start 2)
RB /RB - Bell, Zeke, Howard, Breida, Alfred Morris, Coleman (Start 2)
TE - Kelce
W/R - (Start 1)

I’m 3-4 so I’m nervous about the Oakland BYE where I lose my best WR and my QB the same week. Thanks

Personally, I would do that trade in your position. You seem stacked at RB and need some wins right now not bench depth. If your current WRs are Cooper, Parker and Sanu then switching Cooper for Thielen and Cooks gives you a big step up. You have a team that can make a run for the playoffs even at 3-4 if you upgrade your WRs.

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Yes, this looks really good for you.

I think Carr, Cooper and Hyde are going to be tough sells. I mean Amari is probably the reason you’re 3-4 so why would anyone want to take on that headache.

You’re probably gonna have to sell the trade hard by saying healthy Carr + Cooper means high production as evident from last week and Raiders schedule looks awesome.


Man after seeing the Raiders ROS kinda makes me wonder what if I should be targeting Amari or Crabtree!