Calvin Ridley a fluke? Or rising star?

Calvin Ridley … how much are you guys spending FAAB wise? I really liked him coming into the season, but was hesitant to roster him thinking he could? be pretty boom bust. But I can also see a world where he is pretty dang consistent with a high ceiling . What are your thoughts?

I know there are some opinions out there!

I don’t know what to think of him. I think Julio is also playing hurt right now which is something to think about, and Freeman is out. They spent a first rounder on him and they keep giving him targets, they clearly believe in him. I wouldn’t go crazy with faab for the reasons mentioned above, but you can’t ignore his production either.

Ill be trying to spend some of my budget for A. Callaway, as Ridley is rostered in my league. If you’re desperate for a receiver I would do 20% max if you’re desperate, but I don’t think he’ll be this consistent all year.

For a comparison, Im thinking about putting out $15 out of an allotted $100 season long budget for Callaway because Im not feeling great about my wr2 and Mayfield looked like the real deal this week. Wait for some more opinions too, hopefully a Falcons fan can give you some idea of how the fans feel.

Calvin Ridley is now Matt Ryan’s 1st non-Julio look (Julio gets an auto-1st look unless he’s a pure decoy on a given play, which may happen more often now to take defenders off of Ridley) after showing he can catch deep balls and is dependable enough to target regularly in the red zone. He’s going to start seeing a lot more action I believe, and plays will be called that give him chances. Julio’s knock is that he just doesn’t score TD’s, and Ryan still just has zero red zone chemistry with Julio (although this could be entirely blamed on Ryan imo) for absolutely no good reason whatsoever. He showed distinct long ball and red zone chemistry with Ridley the entire 1st half. I see Ridley finishing with a ~50 receptions, ~700 yards, ~8 TD type of season. In other words, a strong Flex with high upside potential but still a low floor that makes him risky.

Ridley was perceived to be like signing Julio’s little brother and a guy who can learn from Julio over time and develop into that kind of star. They both are products of Saban/Bama and the way they play is similar. They aren’t guys who catch the ball with their pads – they reach out and snatch it with their hands like great WR’s are supposed to. Ridley ran a 4.43 while Julio ran a 4.39. Ridley is 6’1’’ and Julio 6’3’’. But Julio is 220 lbs while Ridley is only 190 lbs. I see Ridley as an Antonio Brown type of WR, whereas Julio is a Calvin Johnson type.

Ridley is the real deal. Different kind of guy than Julio but legit talent. He’s been learning from Julio for a few years now. Julio worked with him while Ridley was at Bama as both played there.