Calvin Ridley for AJ Brown

Girlfriend called during my draft and I drafted Ridley after already taking Julio. Trade away Ridley for AJ Brown to maximize weekly upside? 12 team Full PPR Thanks!

Those guys are close in most rankings. If you believe in AJ Brown more then go for it! I think the Atlanta passing offence can support 2 top WRs but to me they are about equal in value even though you already have Julio.

We know that ATL will pass all over the place. The worry about AJ Brown is that the TEN might not be as efficient as last year which could ultimately hurt his value. ATL is one of the few teams that it’s not the worst thing to have both WR’s.

That’s the problem, I agree with you both haha.

The trade really doesn’t make you better overall. So if a trade doesn’t make you better, but rather worse, or similar, then doesn’t really pay to make a trade.

Decided to pull the trigger and diversify. Thanks for the input!