Calvin Ridley for Lev Bell?

I think I just passed up a good trade but I’m not sure I feel horrible.

I was offered Lev Bell and Josh Gordon for Calvin Ridley. I would have said yes but I still have Fournette on my bench.

ROFL. You messed up. Have fun dealing with Ridley when he regresses from his 62.5% TD catch rate.

That would easily have been the biggest trade rape i’ve ever seen in favor or you receiving Bell.

No idea what you’re thinking there. That is the definition of sell high buy low.

Also, fournette’s hamstring injuries aren’t going away. Have fun dealing with that one for ROS.

wonk wonk - I’m sure if Ridley has a good game this weekend I can propose the same trade minus Gordon.
…not too worried about it.

Yeah. Give up the upside of a potential top weapon on the pats for nothing.

If the other guys literally googles any piece of fantasy, he would probably also realize how stupid that offer was.

This is actually one of the most absurd turn downs I’ve ever seen.

Hope Ridley goes for another 3 TDs this week. Possible I guess given how trash steelers D is.

…on the same subject, how do you guys feel about the Boyd vs. Ridley?
Think Boyd has a better chance of being a good number 2? Better than Ridley?

Give me boyd over ridley. I’m always chasing the volume, not the historical production. Just cause RIdley scored 5 TDs doesn’t mean he will continue to. Boyd is getting the targets, the snaps and is the clear #2.

Ridley isn’t even the clear #2 on his team.

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Thanks Mike. Great analysis.