Calvin Ridley hit waivers, how much FAAB would you spend? .5ppr

Just made a 2 for 1 trade so I have an empty roster slot, grabbed justice Hill as a flier in the meantime until waivers run in saturday

Depending on your wr depth, Iā€™d say around 25-35%. If you really need a wr, maybe more.

In have OBJ, Woods, AB as my 3 WRs and Emanuel sanders, MVS, Anthony Miller on the bench/for flex

Would be great to get him for FAAB, but I have no idea if many people will even notice, let alone bid high before season starts, but Iā€™d hate to spend 30 on him and have nobody else go over 5šŸ˜‚

Better get Ridley on your roster!

With AB probably benched week 1 now, Iā€™d spend for Ridley.

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Ridley can be a wr3 all year, with wr 2 upside

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And spend big with the Julio news