Calvin Ridley or C. Davis ROS?

In my 8man league I have K. Allan, D. Adams, E. Sanders, G. Tate and K. Golloday

You start 3 WR’s and I have been getting burned by not playing the right WR each week… Does Ridley or C. Davis have the better ROS upside? And might be able to break into my starting lineup?

Ridley’s schedule going forward is much better than C. Davis

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PPR or standard?

PPR… Sorry

id say davis ROS for ppr, but they are both worth owning for sure if you can swing that

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I think Davis for sure. He is the number one without a doubt. He does have a tougher schedule, but he is the one and Mariota loves him

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Take Ridley, Matt Ryan is a better QB than Mariotta. Additionally the falcons defense sucks so they’ll be playing from behind more often, and will need to rely on their passing game.

That’s what I was thinking but can Ridley sustain this with Jones all season? I feel like Davis is a ”safer” pick

Both are great picks. Corey Davis target count has fluctuated between 3 and 15. So a little inconsistent but it does yield a high ceiling.

And Yes, Ridley does have to share snaps with Julio, but the double coverage that julio draws on every play will make it easier for Ridley to get open. Ridley has had 5, 8, and 6 targets in the last three weeks. You can expect a range of 9-6 targets. Sanu might dip into those targets but the guy just had his first 100 yard game since 2014.

Ridley is heavily involved in the Red Zone, but Corey Davis is not. Ridley has scored 6 TDs over the last 3 games. A very unsustainable figure, but it shows that he has the ability to be very effective even with Julio on the field. The Titans red zone productivity dropped from first in the league in 2016 to death last in 2017. Maybe they’ll end up somewhere in the middle this year, but Matt Ryan looks like 2016 Matt Ryan, and I don’t see any reason why that wont continue.

It’s a toss up, each player comes with risk:

Ridley will be reliant TDs
Davis will need Mariota to be dialed in, and Davis may also fall victim to game script

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Thank you for your input… Would you drop Badlwin for either of these players? PPR

For me it’s Ridley as he’s on the better offense. Plus I believe he’s the #2 option behind Julio now and will be the rest of the season. I have a hard time believing in and relying on Mariota.

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It’s davis for me and honestly, not even that close.

Don’t chase TDs in fantasy. Calvin ridley has caught a TD pass on 5 of his 8 targets. If you think that’s sustainable, by all means go for Ridley.

Davis owns a 33%+ target market share on his team an owns 60%+ of the teams air yards. That’s WR1 volume. Ridley is on a better passing attack sure but he is also on a very crowded team. And it’s not like he’s more talented that davis by any measure. Volume is king and when combined with Davis’ level of talent, he was bound to produce which is why i’ve been saying to buy low on davis since like week 1.

Pretty comfortable betting that Davis finishes higher than ridley going forward ROS, especially if its any PPR formats.


Thank you for input guys… Will have to think about this one

with my roster I don’t see myself playing neither of them unless on a BYE week. Wouldn’t you think Ridley would be a better option for a 8man league one week starter with more upside? As Davis is a safer pick

Davis has better floor, better upside. Don’t really know what else to say here man. Gave you the facts. If you still think Ridley has better upside, then go for ridley. In an 8 man league, I don’t even know if ridley makes my roster.

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tough call. probably. baldwins knees are a major concern.

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this guys makes some good points.

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Just remember that Davis has 28 targets in Mariota’s 2 full games. Ridley doesn’t even have 20 targets on the year I believe. Plus Davis already played 2 games against Jax and Hou.

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Trade Ridley now his value is through the roof and you gotta capitalize on it especially in an 8man league where he can you a decent RB maybe even a RB/TE combo - and your already flush with WRs.

Keep Davis - he’s been a target monster and will be converting more of those into catches. No Rishard mathews, no delaney walker cmon on now your getting insane volume with Davis.

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This. This exactly. There was a poll on twitter that asked Ridley vs Jones ROS. 58% of people chose ridley. If that doesn’t tell you to sell high, I don’t know what will.

Davis currently leads the NFL in target market share at 33%. Followed by JJ. Follow the volume and the talent.