Calvin Ridley

is he gonna make an impact in Hotlanta??

I think he’ll be the WR2, but likely more impactful in real football than fantasy.

One thing I’m kinda keeping in mind for future reference is…if Julio goes down (God forbid…but always a possibility with those STUDS…just like DJ), then Ridley could end up being a break-out. As always…it’s a “COULD BE, BUT GOTTA WATCH AND SEE” scenario. But…if it unfortunately comes to be, then again…Ridley could be a hot WW snag. So…just a thought, and something to keep in the forefront of thought.

Agreed. I’d even be ok taking a flier with a late pick.

Exactly @DFWB. And, to a fellow poster, the fact that you are one that I put a lot of stock into, I appreciate the verification in my thoughts.

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