Cam Akers & Devonta Freeman for David Montgomery

Hey guys i’m mad hurting at RB and I need a solid RB2 … All I got left is Carson

Is Akers & D.Freeman too much for Montgomery straight up? I have Cohen already

Half Point PPR… No need to tell you my other RBs cause I have non hahaha

I think I would do this. Akers is going to be a guessing game all season and Freeman looked terrible the last time he played and is going to run behind an offensive line that looked terrible. Montgomery is going to get the volume and if he has actually improved this will look like a steal later in season.


I agree with @scmyers11. Freeman and Akers for Monty is a great deal. Akers isn’t progressing as well as McVay had hoped, according to a report today. And he’s injured. Freeman looked like trash last time we saw him. How bad can you be that your team would rather have Todd Gurley? Monty has a great upcoming schedule and appears to be the focal point of Matt Nagy’s offense at the moment.

Agreed with everyone. Freeman wasn’t good last year in a system he knew well. Sell on the hype.