Cam Akers worth stashing?

So I drafted Akers and Swift and Bell as my backup RBs, running with Josh Jacobs and Chris Carson as my main 2. Is it worth holding on to Akers and Swift in a .5ppr? I also have Chris Thompson on bench, but I’m kind of eyeing Boston Scott on FA with Miles sanders news AND I still need to drop a player to potentially get a kicker to start. Thoughts?

Jacobs is solid. Carson is great as long as he’s healthy and can hold onto the ball. I’d probably drop Thompson to pick up a kicker. Bell is the the clear starter in NY. Swift and Akers will likely emerge as starters by mid season but will be on short leashes as they are rookies. Scott is good but is in Pedersens system that uses multiple backs. I think you’re safer with stashing Akers.

Thanks man!

I guess I could also drop Matt Ryan cause I have Watson as my starting QB