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Cam for Big Ben and Marlon Mack?


I was offered Cam for Big Ben and Marlon Mack.

Rest of my team:
Qb- Fitzmagic
RB - Kamara, Jordan Howard, Collins, Shady
WR - OBJ, Theilin, Baldwin, MVS
TE - Kelce

Both Qbs have great playoff schedules. Is Cam that much more valuable than Ben that I should be willing to toss in Mack? Thoughts?


Hard to say. I prefer Cam to Big Ben for playoffs, but I like Mack more than the other backs (excluding Kamara)


That’s where I’m at with it. Is Cam THAT much more valuable than Big Ben that I should package in Mack? Or should I try to flip him out for Collins?


I would try to flip Collins in instead. I’m not a huge fan of Collins. Mack past his bye, you could almost flip Howard too.


I see Howard as my RB2, Mack 3, Collins 4. Collins just has a juicy playoff schedule. but I still think I’d be willing to ship him for Cam


Accepted Cam and Crowell for Ben and Mack.


Cam schedule for the playoffs is amazing. Good trade.


Thanks Man. Always love getting some validity after a trade haha