Cam newton still a top qb?

Standard scoring, im using newton this entire season, but he doesnt seem to be performing well this last games. Winston and Allen are on the waivers, i could pick one of them up and play over cam… what would you do?

Winston is probably the better play for JUST this week. He has a potential shootout with the Saints. The Bucs hardly run the ball too so he has plenty of opportunities.

Play the studs that got you here. Playoffs are not the time to try to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Stick to your guns and don’t overthink things. Unless you started Derrick Henry everybody is nervous. Now is the time to second guess your top 5 qb
Super Cam is coming out today

Went with cam, but im very disappointed with him right now.
Wtf is happening to him this last few games???

I completely know the frustration. Started cam today, thinking this would be the turn around game… PYSCH!!! Idk if I can trust him next week against NO.

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Im done with him after this week. Dont trust him anymore to help me in the playoffs. Id rather lose playing jackson against tampa than with newton against NO

i have brees in one league and newton in another. Im getting very nervous about there lack of play. Newton has had horrible throws. left people open and doesnt rush. To top it all off he has cmc getting EVERY touchdown the team has every other week

I truly believe hes done. Is shoulder injury seems to be keeping him from running to avoid making it worst and is making him miss some ridiculous throws. To top all of this, panthers season is over after this defeat, so i doubt he’s going to make any extra sacrifices to score more/give us more fantasy points…

I thought the Footballers were saying that if CAR keeps doing poorly, there’s no reason for them to keep playing him. They would bench him and have him get shoulder surgery so he is ready to go for next season.

@dakline9570 this is my other concern with Cam, i said in another post or two if they lose this week and he’s still sore/struggling the shut down is very possible big week to monitor the updates. I have this bad feeling he could start and get pulled at some point vs the Saints.
I just think they will come in and burry Carolina and by say the 3rd Cam will be pulled with them out of the game and out of the playoffs. Slim chance i know but stranger things have happened.

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