Cam newton ww

Cam newton has hit the waiver wire. Should I pick him up??

Anxious to see the replies here. I’m a cam newton owner and have being thinking of dropping him for Jimmy g.

I think he might be cooked… Will be interested to see what they do if Kyle Allen puts a few good games together, assuming Cam is out for at least 2

I have jared goff
But wanted a 2nd quarterback

I’d leave him on the wire… but then again, I also just dropped him so at least I’m consistent!

Foot… shoulder… bad mojo… whatever it is, Cam hasn’t come through the way I thought he would. As someone who tends to ‘lock in’ to his players and stay too long, I’m trying to go in a new direction…

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I mean… how can we answer without knowing your team? Do you have Mahomes on your team? Screw Cam. Are Roethlisberger and Brees your only QBs in a 2 QB league? Heck yes, Add Cam.

If you read…it says I have jared goff…

Goff ain’t great but I wouldn’t. Unless you have the bench to burn and believe he will come back at 100 percent. I’d say hold off until someone better shows up tho

@Mando185, ok gotcha. I see you added via a comment that you have Goff. Cam is enough of a question mark right now that I don’t think he’s a must-add as a 2nd QB. It could be worth it if you have someone you can drop that you don’t really like.

Yea. Appreciate it man. Besides the only issue is OJ howard. If he can get back on track I wont change my team unless injury occurs.

2 years ago i Dropped Cam after 3 weeks of bad play and he ended up being a top 3 QB at the end of season on someone else’ team