Cam or jameis? Playoffs!

Who should I start this week??? Cams shoulder worrys me.

If you’re feeling more on the risk it side: Jameis. The matchup should be high scoring so hopefully he’ll be throwing a lot. On top of the fact that Tampa is a passing offense. NO was tore up last week so there’s weakness there.

Any other insight on this?? @MikeMeUpp

LOL…I know I’m not Mike…but…Here’s something I posted a couple of days ago concerning TB. Hope it helps with your decision.

Looking at the chart, it’s obvious that New Orleans struggles against wide receivers. That gives the Buccaneers a plus matchup in Week 14, as no group of wide receivers has produced more receiving yards than Tampa Bay’s. And it’s not close, either – they have nearly 400 more yards receiving than the second-place Los Angeles Rams. Considering this game is being played in Tampa Bay this week, you can confidently start Jameis Winston and his wideouts.

I am playing Winston over Ryan for what that’s worth… Honestly I feel like Josh Allen is a bit of lark but I’d venture playing him over Cam this week…