Cam or Lamar?

For the semifinals and finals!!

Definetely Cam week 16.

This week gets a bit tougher.

I think lamar has the upside against tbay if he plays, but cam has a floor. I look at the giants rb matchup with tbay earlier this year to get a baseline for volume, and lamar maybe gets 35-40% of that. running. then i would take an average of his passing as that is unlikely to change with his playing style.

For Cam you have a division matchup which could get high scoring really quick. He’ll likely end up somewhere between his tbay games and first atlanta game.

My argument against cam is the past couple of weeks he’s had soft matchups and has done nothing. Ever since the Pittsburgh game something is off. He ain’t running and making dumb decisions

I have the same debate, it’s my championship this week though so it’s making me think real hard about it. Cam just hasn’t been cam past few weeks but what if he has a day against NO? But NO’s defense has been playing solid of late and they will get after him.

Lamar, well is TB, their just gonna run none stop, but what if he gets hurt running so much and leaves early? UGHHH this misery of over thinking!!

I think I’m tilting Lamar