Cam or Stream?

If you remember back around week 8, the show talked about targeting Cam Newton for his week 14,15,16 match ups…this was all pre shoulder issues. I traded for him that week and now I’m in the championship and after the last two weeks, I’m having a tough time believing sticking with him is the right decision. He looks absolutely awful and can’t throw the ball 20 yards.

I’m going up against the leading point scorer for the league and It’s gonna take everything I have to win. I waiver priority so the choice is mine.

QBs available:
Foles vs Hou
Allen vs NE
Tannehill Vs Jax
Manning vs IND
Darnold vs GB

Any advice would be appreciated

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Allen gives you the safest floor and hopefully he throws more than just 1 TD.


It literally pains me to write this, but I think Tannehill is the best option available for you

Allen’s floor the last 4 weeks (QB1-5) against an o.k. NE defense gives me a lot of hope for his projection this week. And he proved he can throw it when he needs to for points (only 16 yards on the ground last week). And going against the league-leading point-scorer, you need a boom or bust big play guy (i.e. Allen’s bomb connection with Foster).

Good luck!

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I really think Cam’s shoulder issue is bigger than CAR has been willing to admit TBH. BUT…his game this week made that more apparent. Here’s what ESPN is reporting right now:

Coach Ron Rivera hasn’t ruled out Newton sitting the final two games of the season due to a lingering injury to his right throwing shoulder, Steve Reed of the Associated Press reports. “It’s a tough situation right now,” Rivera said Tuesday. “Until I get a chance to visit with him I’m not going to speculate.”


The stats don’t lie during the Panthers’ current six-game losing streak. After throwing picks in just three out of the first eight contests of the season, he’s tossed at least one interception in each of the six recent defeats. Perhaps more striking is accounting for his fewest passing yards (131 on Monday) since Week 4 of the 2015 season and lowest yards per attempt (4.5) in 123 career appearances. After the Week 15 loss to the Saints, Newton relayed that he’s undergone certain treatments, including taking anti-inflammatories, receiving massages and attempting acupuncture. Moreover, his practice reps have been capped to keep his right shoulder as fresh as possible. This latter point may be the reason his rapport with Panthers pass catchers diminished enough to account for Monday’s dismal performance. Whether this proves to be the nadir remains to be seen, but the Panthers may opt to shut down Newton sooner than later with his long-term health in mind. Currently, Taylor Heinicke is the only other quarterback on the 53-man roster, while undrafted rookie Kyle Allen is on the practice squad.

I truly would be concerned about trusting Cam at this point. And I’m kinda torn between Allen and Tannehill.

I know…really tough choice, but…I think if I had to choose, I’d prob say Allen. Of course, I’m sure there are others here that could give you better prospective on this.

Best of luck to you my friend!!! :slightly_smiling_face:


So I’m gonna grab Allen…

This derails my defensive plan for this week. I grabbed Pats D week 8 with anticipation of making it to week 16 with a match up against the Bills.

I also have Jags and MIN on my bench, so I have options.

Starting Allen, what defense would you roll with? Obviously starting the Pats could offset anything productive Allen does…I’m leaning towards MIN vs Detroit since they have been my starting D all year, and tore the Lions up earlier this year. Or do I gamble on Allen’s floor being super low and getting reaping benefits of having the Pats D?


I’m probably over thinking this.

My team
Qb: Allen/Cam
Rb: Saquon/Chubb/D. Williams/Ware
Wr: Julio/Thomas/Baldwin
TE: Cook
K: Rosas

Qb: Maholmes
Rb: McCaffrey/Fournette/White/Jones (IR)
WR: Hopkins/Edelman/Goliday
TE: Uzomah/Ian Thomas
D: Bears
K: Fairbairn

I’m also concerned about my kicker. With OBJ out, the Giants will struggle to move the ball as evidenced last week (albeit Titans defense is nasty, Colts aren’t on the same level but playing for playoffs)

I have $2 in faab and he has $1. I have waiver priority.

My move now is grab Allen and Jamal Williams to block my opponent, roll with Allen and MIN defense and take my chances Rosas can get some fgs…

I streamed Josh Allen last week over Cam highest floor I wouldn’t be against streaming Foles this week though in a due or die game.

Damn dude, this guy your facing really lucked out with all his fire power :sweat_smile: :joy: I’d look at who could get you more turnovers between MIN/JAX defenses this week. Both units are pretty evenly matched this week, and both should see respectable turnouts at the very least. So it’s really who you think has the better matchup.

Best of luck!

I’d go MN. Jax’s defense has been questionable to bad at times, where MN has been fairly consistent. And, DET has a bad offense with few weapons.

Panthers are sitting Cam. You gotta stream!

9 sacks last time playing Detroit

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Soooo…have you decided??? Just really curious what your final choice was. You’ve got a tough decision here. WOW

(also…was hoping to maybe bring this back to the top…hope it helped!!!)

Yep! I grabbed Allen before Cam was ruled out and grabbed J Williams to block opponent. Now my big decision is rolling out J Williams in my flex at the 1pm game or taking my chances til inactive come out for the 8pm game. If Ware is out, I’m starting D Williams at flex. If not, I have my choice to put Baldwin at flex or take a gamble with either Ware or D Williams. Seattle should be throwing all game to play catch up with KC but it’s a risky move as Baldwin only really showed up last week… hoping ware is ruled out early Sunday or saturday but not looking like it.

Also rolling with Min d

Thanks for all the input!

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