Cam or Wilson?

Who to start week 1?

That’s a tough one damn, I’d go with cam though

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Yeah tough is right. When Cam had the foot issue to worry about it was an easier call to go with Russ. On paper both of their matchups have an improved secondary. Cam has more weapons and could be in for a shootout with Rams. Although, the bengals tend to start hot and that game could be a shootout too… or Seattle could get up and grind out the game with carson and penny.

They probably have similar floors with Cam having the higher upside…

I have to agree with with Cam. Although the match up is juicy, I feel that Wilson will be relegated to running the ball due to the game script. Not to mention the Seahawks are a more run-heavy team.

That being said…Cam Newton or Lamar Jackson? Jackson is against Miami…

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