Cam owner, add a backup QB just in case?

Just drafted a ten man standard team, and grabbed Cam Newton as my QB. Since its a ten team league I usually don’t draft a second QB (every other team drafts two btw).

But worried about Cam’s sprained foot… should I add a second QB for week 1, just in case? Best QBs available: Cousins, Brady, and Josh Allen. Leaning towards Cousins since his game 1 is vs ATL in MIN so expecting a shootout. I’d drop my last draft pick (Jaylen Samuels) to add the QB. Once Cam’s good I’d drop Cousins and add another skill player.

So, is it good to add Cousins? Or better to wait and see if Cam heals up and plays?

I would wait. If all three of those QBs are available now, bring a 10-team league, you can afford to wait and pick one up once you know Cam’s status.

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I would wait it out for another week. All three of those QBs arent going to be picked up before the season starts.

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See how the practices go, I wouldn’t too mad at getting any of those QBs

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He’s practicing this week. Just monitor it.