Cam Update!

Panthers are sitting Cam. Adjust your roster accordingly!


Do we know anything about Taylor? Is he a decent 2nd stringer?

These are his career stats. He’s only played 6 games so it’s hard to guess how he’ll be. Looks fairly mediocre

Probably a slight downgrade to CMC and the rest of the panthers are unstartable in most formats?

Yeah no longer using samuel

I think the WRs are unstartable. CMC could actually get an upgrade since the Panthers will have to lean on him more.

CMC will be the focus of any defense they play ROS. I expect him to have lots of work and minimal production.

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He might have some garbage time production?

Vikings fan here. he was always decent back in the day, and really the only reason he didn’t get a shot was in the one season where we would have tried him out, i believe he got injured. He’s unlikely to be the next star, but it’s not like he’s awful.

Outlook for Ian Thomas? He’s my TE right now. Everett and Herndon only other options pretty much.

Downgrade all your Panthers players, Atlanta will stack the box CMac will get the touches but I don’t think he has a massive game with the game plan all on McCafferty, Atlanta could be another good streaming option.

Atlanta defense could be decent, but I don’t really think there is anything to worry about for CMC. Falcons have been 30th best against RBs all year so I don’t think QB matters too much here

Yeah CMC will be fine. They will run the ball versus throw, I am assuming.

I have Ian Thomas as well and I am thinking about streaming someone else but perhaps Thomas could be thrown to under pressure. However I am very skeptical about that.