Cam vs Luck Rest of Season? Waiver help!

Footclan! I’m in an 8 team league that has 6 bench spots. As expected, the waivers are deep and guys get dropped that you usually wouldn’t expect in a 10-12 team league. For reference, guys like Goodwin, Powell and Shepard are on waivers right now.

Someone dropped Cam yesterday! And my current starting QB is Luck. I have a couple options - thoughts?

  • Pick up Cam and drop Luck
  • Pick up Cam and drop Aaron Jones (I have Jamaal)
  • pick up Cam and drop Sony
  • pick up Cam and drop Kerryon
  • Dont bother picking up Cam at all!

Which option is best? I usually don’t like to roster two QBs, but Cam can be a week to week matchup winner. Thanks in advance!

Well i would normally say pick up both of them and maybe try to trade luck. But in a 8 team i think i would just drop luck for cam. If something does go wrong down the road it would be very easy to stream a QB in that league.

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@Huck and my guess is I shouldn’t spend too much Faab either? My concern is Cam has his bye in 4 weeks, so at that point do I drop him again? Having luck could help… but you’re right… it’s tough to lose RB depth even in a shallow league!

In a 8 team league i don’t think i would have a problem dropping Michel, i would probably pick up Powell over him anyway. But yea i wouldn’t spend much fab at all on cam.

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Thanks! It’s definitely between dropping Luck or Michel… leaning towards Michel. Though he could be have a breakout game sooner rather than later with that backfield mostly injured! Appreciate the advice.