Can Aaron Jones come back and take over in Green Bay?

Is he worth the stash? he’s a FA in my league!

If you have someone you can throw away for him then he’s worth a stash for sure, even if just to see what happens with Ty and Williams week 1. If they both play and don’t get/look hurt and play well i might drop him back but if say Williams or Ty gets hurt or completely blows their chance you’ll struggle to get Jones as more people will be after him. But depends on your bench, he’s a FA in my league to and i’d hold him but i just don’t have anyone i’d rather drop for him.

End of the day unless there’s injuries no one in GB is going to be a full workhorse but with Rodgers playing 16 it will be one of the better if not the best committees to own a stake in

I have Moncrief from the jaguars that I would drop, but then the situation there with Marquise Lee going down, it puts a ? Mark on him as well

My RB’s

Alvin Kamara
Melvin Gordon
Dion Lewis
Royce Freeman
Corey Clement
Rex Burkhead
Bilal Powell

My WR’s

Adam Thielen
Marvin Jones Jr
Marquise Goodwin
Sterling Shepard
Donte Moncrief

The Jags is another one to take a stab at for sure but i prefer Cole there anyway and at the end of the day a true WR2 in Aaron Rodgers offense, with a shaky D that will need them to score points to win will be better than the 1 in a Bortles lead attack unless he really does lock onto one guy and turns him into a target vacuum but that situation is more of a gamble than the GB one in my view. Need to see what the Jags do and where his targets go before i pick one up off a first ballot HOF QBs number 2!

Having seen the list you might be able to get away with Powell, given your RB studs Kamara/Gordon and plently of Flex upside he isn’t much use to you team. You need a bit more upside in the WRs i’d lose Moncrief and Powell and grab Allison and either Cole or if Mike Williams is there him too

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